1. Can my Insurance premium increase if I file a hail claim?

A: No, hail damage claims are comprehensive damage and do not affect your premiums.


2. Can I take my vehicle to a shop of my choice or do I have to use who my insurance company recommends.

A: You can take your vehicle to a shop of your choice.


3. What is paintless dent removal?

A: Paintless dent repair, PDR, is the process in which dents, dings, creases, hail damage & large dents, are removed from a vehicle without painting. It utilizes a revolutionary process that accesses the back side of the dent with a tool then we gently massage the dent back to its original shape.


4. Can the dents ever come back?

A: No, once the dents have been removed they cannot return.


5. How does the paintless dent removal process work?

A: The dents are accessed from the rear of the panel and gently pushed or massaged back to its original shape.


6. Will the paintless dent removal process hurt my custom finish?

A: No.


7. Will the paintless dent removal process be approved as an acceptable alternative to my insurance carrier?

A: Yes, most insurance companies prefer this method due to the quality and turn-around time.


8. How long does the process typically take?

A: In most cases there is a 1-3 days turnaround time. These times can be affected by parts delay (moldings and broken mirrors or lamps) and workload.


9. What factors are involved in determining he cost of paintless dent removal?

A: Cost of PDR is determined by quantity and severity of dents.


10. Do you offer a guarantee covering your paintless dent removal work?

A: Yes DPS offers a lifetime Warranty.


11. Do you offer mobile service?

A: Yes.


12. Is there any cost for an estimate?

A: No.


13. Do I need an appointment?

A: No, but appointments are preferred.                Toll Free 1-855-650-HAIL        DFW 817-703-3543

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